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The Community of Greater ARTS

Greater Emanuel is a place that embraces both praise and worship through all forms of the arts.  We develop and gather exceptional, anointed, and talented individuals, willing to honor God for His goodness and mercy.  We praise God under the anointing with the timbrel and dance and sing sweet sounds to His ear.  But we also worship the Lord, in spirit and in truth, adoring Him for who He was, is, and will be.  For more information, contact Pastor Patricia Daniel.

Music & Sacred Arts

Music is the universal language around the world. In the Community of Greater, we seek to offer up melodious harmonies to God while setting the atmosphere for worship, encouraging the hearts of those in attendance, and preparing the children of God for the Word.

Ladies of Shabach & Company

Liturgical dance is an expressive form of worship.  The sole purpose of the Ladies of Shabach & Company is to enhance the praise and worship experience through the arts of dance and mime.


Ladies of Shabach & Company welcome male and female dancers and mimers, from 5 years of age and older.

Drama Department

The Greater Emanuel Drama Ministry has been around for years, providing the community with both entertainment and ministerial aspects, in the most creative and provocative way.


Men and women of all ages are welcome to participate in any or all of the upcoming productions.

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The Community of Greater

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr, Senior Pastor

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