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An Overview of Our Ministries

Regardless of your age, gender, or educational background, the Community of Greater is fueled by passion and willingness to serve.  There is a ministry for you - click on the pictures below to learn more!

Music &

Sacred Arts



Christian Education 

Fellowship & Recreation

worship support

We develop and gather 

exceptional, anointed, and talented individuals, willing to honor God for His goodness and mercy across various forms of art - music, dance, drama.

We represent a place that is willing to go, equip, assess, and transform lives, sharing the gospel with everyone, regardless of who they are, their culture, or their background.

We encourage all educational pursuits, celebrate achievements, and guarantee groundbreaking 

effectual Apostolic (and Academic) teaching.

We strive to be gracious, empathetic, accommodating, and tenderhearted. Through fellowship, unite diverse thinking and backgrounds for the common purpose of gospel and growth.  

We leverage the giftings, energies, abilities, and testimonies of all.  During your time here, it is our honor to serve you – holistically.

The Community of Greater

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr, Senior Pastor

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