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The Community of Greater FELLOWSHIP

Greater Emanuel places a strong emphasis on fellowship.  Fellowship strengthens unification, which brings together diverse thinking and backgrounds for the common purpose of gospel and growth.  


We strive to be gracious, empathetic, accommodating, and tenderhearted.  We seek to tailor programming to the core family entities - Men, Women, Youth and Young Adults, Seniors, Married and Single.

Mighty Men of Valor

We're here to build strong, Godly, successful, hard-working, family men in ALL areas of life. The Brotherhood of Greater Emanuel seeks to:


  1. Proclaim the Word of God to men, regardless of age, ethnicity, or background

  2. Transition men from the "old man" to Holy Ghost-filled believers

  3. Compel men to commit their lives to Christ, becoming new creatures who will positively influence their homes, churches, and community


For more information or to invite us to worship with you, please contact Pastor Warren McMillan. 

P.O.W.E.R Women

Is there any POWER in the house?  Embracing the examples of our own prominent first ladies lineage, from Dr. Elma J. Bowers to Sister Rebecca Bowers, and now Pastor Patricia Daniel, the Greater Emanuel Women's Ministry strives to be holistic, catering to young and seasoned while also seeking to:


  1. Develop self-esteem and confidence as phenomenal women

  2. Strengthen her mind, body, and spirit so that she's able to be the woman God has designed her to be

  3. Provide a healthy and transparent platform to share ideas, achievements, concerns, and encouragement


We are Powerful Overcoming Women Ever Ready!

For more information or to invite us to worship with you, please contact Pastor Carrie Taylor.

Young People's Department

Yes, we are the youth and young adults but we are unashamed to walk in God's purpose for us.  We strive to be our own SELFIES - Sanctified Evangelists Living Free In Eternal Salvation and we are designed to:


  1. Equip this generation of young believers with the tools to edify, promote and share the unrivaled power of Jesus Christ

  2. Reach out to the youth of the church and community to help bring them closer to God through relevant and meaningful activities

  3. Empower the church of tomorrow to take on the challenges of today


YPD caters to ages 12-40 years, male and female.


For more information or to invite us to worship with you, please contact Minister Jonathan Lee.

Golden Gems

With age and experience comes maturity and wisdom.  The Golden Gems of Greater Emanuel are the "seasoned saints" and we seek to ensure they know they continue to matter.  We are designed to:


  1. Leverage their tenured lives to seek encouragement and counsel

  2. In turn, provide encouragement and prayer for the sick and shut in 

  3. Ensure Golden Gems are aware and connected to upcoming activities and efforts


The Golden Gems cater to ages 62 years and older, male and female.


For more information, please contact Minister Mary Francis.

Married Couples for Jesus

We view marriage as a ministry.  It was established by God and leverages His guiding light to sustain and strengthen the relationship between man and wife for stronger families.  The Married Couples for Jesus (MCJ) are designed to:


  1. Foster long lasting, loving marriages that produce excellent children and excellent citizens 

  2. Provide an outlet for married couples to express themselves and learn more about marriage - Sharing and growing without judgment

  3. Strengthen the marriage to use as a ministry - Family is the first ministry


For more information, please contact the MCJ team.

Kingdom Empowered Yielded Singles

Who said you have to be single and miserable?  At Greater Emanuel, we are Kingdom Empowered Yielded Singles, where we embrace our lifestyle and grow into our complete selves.  We are designed to:


  1. Teach “singleness” as a way of wholeness 

  2. Encourage K.E.Y.S (Kingdom Empowered Yielded Singles) to live and not endure life

  3. Provide an outlet for fun fellowship with likeminded individuals


K.E.Y.S caters to single (never married), divorced and widowed male and female individuals.


For more information or to invite us to worship with you, please email the KEYs team.

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The Community of Greater

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr, Senior Pastor

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