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"While I was working on a career, God was developing a calling".  Pastor Daniel is a "man of transition".  Being born in the South, his career options were limited.  Yet, he shifted from the farm to academia, where he graduated from Hampton University (VA), receiving a B.A. in Biology and a M.A in Bio-Research and Secondary Education/Counseling.  By God’s design, his transformative transition was not limited to education. Pastor Daniel’s spiritual and religious roots stemmed from being reared in a multi-denominational family that included African Methodist Episcopal (AME), Baptist, “Holiness” and Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was not until after graduate school that Pastor Daniel was exposed to and embraced Apostolicism. This monumental transition occurred under the incredible ministry of the honorable landmark and Apostolic Father, Bishop Paul Alexander Bowers.

Pastor Daniel is today's "renaissance man", a man of many qualities including the following:

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr. | Senior Pastor

The Community of Greater

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr, Senior Pastor

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