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The Community of Greater EVANGELISM

God has called us all to be daily evangelists, spreading His love and gospel to all in whom we connect with.  We have a heart for souls at Greater Emanuel!  We represent a place that is willing to go, equip, assess, and transform lives, sharing the gospel with everyone, regardless of who they are, their culture, or their background.  Everything that we do is to first, help each person be free from any physical, emotional, psychological condition that can create bondage or the feeling of dependency. Secondly, we are here to help create, develop, and maintain a holiness lifestyle and relationship with God, at their own pace.


We cannot perfect souls until we reach them.  We cannot perfect souls until we teach them.  We cannot teach souls until they are here.

For more information or to invite one of our ministers to worship with you, please contact Pastor Rudy Rousell.

Personal Evangelism Committee

We deal with the salvation of souls.  Each of us are charged in Matthew 28: 19-20 to "Go...teach...baptize".  At Greater Emanuel, we strive to be obedient to Jesus' admonishment.  The Personal Evangelism Committee is designed to:


  1. Spiritually educate, comfort and encourage the saved and unsaved

  2. Conduct outreach ministries including statewide prisons, local jails, hospitals, and college campuses

  3. Visit the sick and shut in while in the hospital and/or nursing homes


The P.E.C welcomes all who have a sincere desire to labor in the Kingdom of God and are both baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Ministerial Alliance

We believe in servant ministry and servant leadership.  We encourage these forms of service, both on and off the pulpit, enabling anyone with a calling on their life and salvation in their hearts to serve in the Kingdom.  The Ministerial Alliance of Greater Emanuel is designed to:


  1. Assist Pastor Daniel and Lady Trish in any ministry capacity 

  2. Minister spiritually and scripturally to educate, reveal and inspire to he that hath an ear to hear and be transformed

  3. Represent God and Greater Emanuel to our upmost ability when ministering in and outside of the four walls of the church

Emanuel's Closet & Pantry

We understand that times are hard and necessities may often be hard to come by.  At Greater, we seek to minimize the worry and concern by offering these essentials with love.  Currently, we have an operating food pantry and closet, where we have clothing for both genders, ranging across the four seasons and a range of sizes.  


Please call our church office at (513) 522-1150 for further assistance or to donate.

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The Community of Greater

Suffragan Bishop LaVelton J. Daniel Sr, Senior Pastor

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